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Gelato As It Should Be

Gelato is a culinary masterpiece that trascends the mere frozen dessert.

Our Artisanal gelato embodies the perfect balance of creaminess and intensity, using organic milk and a careful selection of top-notch ingredients.

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Our Gelato is designed for those on the move who refuse to compromise on taste.

All our desserts are amazingly packed in reusable Pistackio jars... couldn't get any better!


Only the best ingredients can create a good dessert no doubts about it, and we live up to that standard.

Fresh, seasonal, sourced, handpicked... at Pistackio we have it all!

take away dessert


We are in a quest of rediscovering some all time classic desserts, Valentinas Tiramisu (voted best Tiramisu outside of Italy), Cannolis, Panna Cotta and all the greatest hits revisited with the unique Pistackio touch.